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Remunerations given to the government employees are not commensurate with the services they perform. Their counterparts in the private sector get much better pay packages. Apart from the respect attached to the government service in our society, the only consolation used to be a handsome pension and G.P Fund with which they could buy a house on superannuation. The current inflationary trend in the property prices has eroded that expectation and thus there is need to put in place a compensatory social security network for the employees with this objective in view. The Government of the Punjab has launched a scheme of providing houses/plots to all Government Servants from BS-1 to BS-22 at the time of their retirement. The scheme is on the analogy of the defense forces housing schemes where the officers pay the development and construction cost, and the land is provided free of cost by the Government.
Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation (PGSHF) was established as a corporate body under the Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation Act, 2004, promulgated on 10.03.2004, to introduce a scheme for providing houses or plots on no profit no loss basis to Government Servants on their retirement or to their families in case of death during service. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors headed by the Chief Secretary, Punjab including 7 ex-officio members. The Managing Director is the Chief Executive of the Foundation.
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